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Peter Schrag & Stephan Thernstrom. New York Book Review. 2/24/2005.
Reply to Richard Rothstein's critique of teh new book "No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning" ["Must Schools Fail?" NYR, December 2, 2004]
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Timothy Hasci. New York Times Review of Books. 01/2004.
Final Test: The Battle for Adequacy in America's Schools by Peter Schrag.
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Peter Schrag. New York Times. 6/28/2003.
The landmark ruling on Thursday by New York's highest court that the state is shortchanging New York City's school system was a much-needed victory for its 1.1 million students. But in itself, the ruling is not a remedy. It's just one step in a complex and uncertain process that dozens of states, from New Jersey to California, have been struggling with for years.
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