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Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc.. 05/2005.
The number of New York City fourth graders meeting state standards on the English Language Arts exam increased by 9.9 points, to 59.5 percent, while the numbers of eighth-graders passing fell by 2.8 percent, according to a study released yesterday by State Education Commissioner Richard P. Mills.
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Richard P. Mills (Commissioner of Education, New York City). New York State School Boards Association. 02/2005.
Richard P. Mills comments on the effect of sound assessment on student achievement.
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Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. 11/2004.
Excerpts from an interview with state Education Commissioner Richard Mills
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New York State School Boards Association. 11/2004.
Richard Mills discussed the aim of education and role of schools in the changing global economy.
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John Strachan. New York Teacher. 10/21/2004.
After hearing state Education Commissioner Richard Mills praise the improvement of fourth- and eighth-graders on their latest statewide math assessments, a reporter at a news conference asked Mills if the continued progress might signify that an ongoing legal battle to resolve inequities in education funding was, perhaps, unnecessary. Not at all, Mills assured her. "When you start getting gains, you've got to bear down," Mills said. "That's the time to press on."
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Paul Riede. The Post-Standard. 4/1/2004.
New York Education Commissioner Richard Mills, who has helped bring high-stakes testing to students across the state, now has an exam for state legislators. In a visit to Syracuse Wednesday, Mills said it is a "year of decision" for elected officials, who now have three proposals in front of them to overhaul the state's school funding system.
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Rick Karlin. Albany Times Union. 2/10/2004.
A leading Senate Republican tore into state Education Commissioner Richard Mills and the Board of Regents on Monday, asking whether billions of dollars in recent state school aid has been spent wisely on a push to raise standards.
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Anne Jue. Ithaca Journal. 12/12/2003.
Along with a proposed $880-million total increase in funding for New York state schools in 2004-05, the board and Education Commissioner Richard Mills presented the new formula Thursday afternoon in Albany. "Am I thrilled? Absolutely," said John Delaney, superintendent of Trumansburg Central School District. "I think this is the direction many of us have been working toward from the beginning." The proposed new formula, based on a per-pupil cost and a preset expected local taxpayer contribution, mirrors that of what a regional educational support group has been advocating for years
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Richard Mills (State Education Commissionner, State of New York ). New York Department of Education. 2002.
State Education Commissioner Richard Mills reviews issues facing New York State such as 2003-2004 budget.
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