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Michael Rothfeld. New York Daily News. 2/16/2005.
The state's highest court Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit that accused the state of neglecting children in 27 schools in predominantly poor and minority districts, including four districts on Long Island. In the decision by the Court of Appeals, Chief Judge Judith Kaye said the lawsuit by the New York Civil Liberties Union should have focused on districtwide failures instead of individual schools, because the districts are the "agents" of the state in fulfilling the constitutional obligation to provide a "sound basic education."
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Bob Harris. Astoria Times. 7/31/2003.
Chief Court of Appeals Judge Judith Kaye’s 4-1 decision gave the Legislature until July 30, 2004 to provide a fiscal formula more fair to the students. A whole year can go by until something is done or perhaps only a few months will be needed. Money will be good, but a lot more will have to be done to help more children learn more. At the same time, a school system is being created.
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Joseph Dolman. Newsday. 7/2/2003.
For an army of embattled New York City public school boosters, the news last week was about as intoxicating as a washtub full of vintage Bordeaux. And no wonder. After years of uphill legal skirmishes and hopeless political fights, the advocates were suddenly and gloriously winners. Their tales of deprivation and injustice at the hands of a craven State Legislature were true, all true, State Court of Appeals Chief Judge Judith Kaye reckoned in a landmark decision. The court gave Albany's grandees 400 days to fix things.
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Editorial Staff. New York Post. 6/27/2003.
The state Court of Appeals yesterday shifted control of New York's public schools from elected officials to the courts - specifically to a lowly state Supreme Court justice sitting in Manhattan and nursing an agenda.
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New York Times. 6/27/2003.
Excerpts from the New York State Court of Appeals ruling yesterday on school financing. Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye wrote for the majority, with Judge George Bundy Smith writing a concurring opinion. Judge Susan Phillips Read dissented.
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Judith S. Kaye (Chief Judge, Court of Appeals of New York). Court of Appeals State of New York. 6/26/2003.
The Court of Appeals held that the state funding system must be reformed to ensure that every school in New York City has sufficient resources to provide its students with the opportunity for a meaningful high school education.
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The Campaign for Fiscal Equity (Campaign for Fiscal Equity , Inc. ). Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc.. 6/1/2003.
CFE's analysis of Court of Appeals Decision on June 26, 2003.
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