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Frank J. Mauro & Frank J. Mauro. Fiscal Policy Institute . 11/17/2004.
Calculating the Cost of a Sound Basic Education. (PDF) A supplemental affidavit submitted by FPI to the three court-appointed referees in the landmark school funding adequacy case (Campaign for Fiscal Equity v. New York State).
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Frank J. Mauro (Executive Director, Fiscal Policy Institute). Fiscal Policy Institute . 10/26/2004.
Affidavit submittd by Frank Mauro, Executive Director of Fiscal Policy Institute, regarding the cost index used in Standard & Poor's Resources Adequacy study and how using such cost index would influence the gap in school funding for top and bottom spending schools. In addition, the testimony addressed how the need-scale index from AIR/MAP's study can help the high-needs student in New York City.
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Alliance For Quality Education. 10/2004.
This report is the third in a series of reports that analyze the impact of state policy decisions on school districts and school children across the State of New York. This report was written by Bob Cohen of the Public Policy and Education Fund, Inc. (PPEF) based on data, tables, and charts provided by Frank Mauro, the Executive Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI).
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Frank Mauro (Fiscal Policy Institute). Alliance for Quality Education . 04/2003.
The report analyzes the revenue source for required school aid and consequences of Governor's school aid cuts.
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