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David Jones, Arthur Levine & Anthony Alvarado. Commission on CFE, the Council of the City of New York . 10/2005. p. 173.
The report tries to answer the question: How can we best ensure that reforms translate into improved educational practice in the City's classrooms, so that students may be assured the opportunity for the sound basic education to which they are entitled?
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David Jones & Arthur Levine. Newsday. 4/19/2005.
Think back to your years in school. If you were fortunate, there was a teacher who made you excited about what you were learning, who gave you the sense - perhaps for the first time - that you could do more than you thought, who may even have inspired you to choose a particular calling. Far too many schoolchildren in New York City have never been exposed to such a teacher. That is why the report issued last week by the Commission on CFE [Campaign for Fiscal Equity] Implementation - an independent body created by the City Council to recommend how to spend billions of additional dollars in court-ordered school funding - is animated by one central idea: School reform in the city cannot succeed until each and every child has an excellent teacher. Not a competent or even a very good teacher, but an excellent teacher
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Arthur Levine (President of Teachers College, Columbia University, Co-chair, NYC Commission on Implementation of CFE). Commission on CFE, the Council of the City of New York . 04/2005. p. 103.
The Part I makes recommendations for Teacher Quality and Class Size for the entire system and for high-need low-performing schools in particular. It also focuses on Accountability, which must go hand in hand with any reform.
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