As the State Legislature is winding down it session readying to adjourn this coming week, Senator William Larkin yesterday briefed members of the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce about some of the key issues addressed this year.

The Cornwall-on-Hudson lawmaker is pushing for approval of one casino in Sullivan County and said the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit victory does not adequately address school funding statewide.

With the Hudson Valley being a large fruit and vegetable growing region, Larkin talked of the approval to grow currants and produce jams, jellies and juices from the berries.

“Some of those who are making them in Dutchess County are selling them in New York City for a nice, nice, nice profit,” he said.

The harvesting of those berries was outlawed about 100 years ago when it was thought that a disease was transmitted to the plants from white pines. That has since been disproved, Larkin said.