Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc. . 03/2006.

CFE Scores Major Court Victory

--- Court Gives Legislature until April 1 to Provide New York City Schools $4.7 Billion to $5.63 Billion in Operating Aid and $9.2 Billion in Capital Funding --

CFE scored a major court victory today when the Appellate Division, 1st Department directed the State to provide New York City schools $4.7 billion to $5.63 billion in operating aid and $9.2 billion in capital funding by April 1, 2006.

The unexpected decision from a court that has traditionally supported the governor's appeals adds pressure to the budget negotiations currently underway in Albany. In today's decision, the court brushed aside the governor's latest appeal, ruling that it is "undisputed" that the State has failed to appropriate the amount of funding needed to meet the CFE mandate.

"All the pieces are now in place and no more excuses are possible," said CFE Executive Director Geri D. Palast. "We expect the legislature to adopt a full CFE remedy by April 1, as the court has mandated, and we hope the governor will play a statesman's role and support the final resolution of this long-running case."

Passage of legislation will mean that, next year, students will start to reap the benefits of a CFE remedy that will deliver the resources their schools need to provide the quality education to which New York's children are entitled.

March 23, 2006