Joyce M. Miles . Lockport Union-Sun & Journal. 11/5/2004.

Lockport’s school board is mulling over support of a lawsuit against the state to force education finance reform.

On Wednesday, Superintendent Bruce Fraser outlined the effort of the New York State Association of Small City School Districts to replicate an earlier bid by the Campaign For Fiscal Equity that should force the state to cough up more money for underfunded New York City schools. He recommended the school board authorize supporting the Small Cities suit financially as a way of staking out a position on the issue.

The suit, he said, “is the best way of keeping the pressure for reform on.”

New York’s Court of Appeals found in the CFE suit that the state does not give Big Apple schools enough money to provide a sound, basic education in accordance with the state constitution.

The court gave the state until July 30 to come up with a plan to address funding issues for those schools, and suit-watchers had hoped action would be applied statewide. Gov. George Pataki and the Legislature didn’t come up with a plan, however, so the matter is now in the hands of a special masters panel that likely will limit a remedy to Big Apple schools.