Midstate School Finance Consortium . 01/2001.

How the Midstate Proposal Compares with the CFE Decision

In its January 10 decision in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case, The State Supreme Court declared the current school aid formula unconstitutional and ordered the State to:

The Midstate School Finance Consortium Proposal:

1. Ensure that every school district has the resources necessary to provide every student the opportunity for a sound basic education.

1. Ensures every school district has the necessary resources by providing the same starting point ($8176) for every child, regardless of where they live. This would raise the floor significantly for many students in the state. Extraordinary Needs Aid would provide additional aid for districts with low wealth and high numbers of “at risk” students.

2. Take into account variations in local costs.

2. Midstate employs the “Chambers Index”, created for the National Center for Education Statistics, to recognize local district cost differences.

3. Provide sustained and stable funding in order to promote long-term planning by schools and school districts.

3. The Midstate plan would provide stable funding through a true mathematical formula; there would be no need for annual manipulation by the legislature.

4. Provide as much transparency as possible so that the public may understand how the State distributes school aid.

4. Midstate’s simple proposal fits on a single sheet of paper, and thus is easily explained and understood.

5. Ensure a system of accountability to measure whether the reforms implemented by the legislature actually provide the opportunity for a sound basic education and remedy the disparate impact of the current finance system.

5. Midstate did not address accountability in its funding proposal, but fully agrees with