Jeff Brown (Member, Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry, New York State Assembly). New York State Assembly. 2005.

A02291 Summary: Authorizes the creation of a temporary state commission to make recommendations regarding simplification of the state school aid formula; appropriation

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Authorizes the creation of a temporary state commission to make recommendations regarding simplification of the current state school aid formula, and to determine which such simplifications would insure more of an equitable distribution of school aid across all regions of the state in order to insure that all pupils receive a quality education; makes an appropriation of $100,000


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01/25/2005 referred to education                                               

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                         S T A T E   O F   N E W   Y O R K                   





                              2005-2006 Regular Sessions                       


                                 I N  A S S E M B L Y                          


                                   January 25, 2005                            



       Introduced  by M. of A. BROWN -- read once and referred to the Committee

         on Education                                                          


       AN ACT to authorize the creation of a temporary state commission to make

         recommendations regarding  simplification  of  the  state  school  aid

         formula; and making an appropriation therefor                         



       BLY, DO ENACT AS FOLLOWS:                                               


    1    Section 1. Legislative findings and intent. It  is  widely  recognized

    2  that the state of New York is one of the leading states in the nation in

    3  terms  of  the amount of funding it provides for education. However, our

    4  state could vastly improve upon the distribution of state school aid, by

    5  simplifying such distribution, in order  to  achieve  a  more  equitable

    6  distribution across the state.  Currently, many people do not understand

    7  how  state aid is distributed and allocated to school districts through-

    8  out the state.   The legislature hereby  finds  and  declares  that  the

    9  creation  of  a temporary state commission would provide the legislature

   10  with an objective source of information on  how  best  to  simplify  the

   11  current  school  aid formula to enable all persons to understand how aid

   12  is allocated and all students to receive a quality education.           

   13    S 2. A temporary state commission  is  hereby  created  to  study  the

   14  current  state school aid formula. Such temporary state commission shall

   15  also make recommendations regarding what simplifications of the  current

   16  school aid formula would insure greater understanding and a more equita-

   17  ble distribution of state aid.                                          

   18    S  3.  The temporary state commission shall be a bipartisan commission

   19  consisting of five members to be appointed by the commissioner of educa-

   20  tion.                                                                   

   21    S 4. The temporary state commission may employ  and  at  its  pleasure

   22  remove  such  personnel  as it may deem necessary for the performance of

   23  its functions and fix their compensation.                               


        EXPLANATION--Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets

                             { } is old law to be omitted.                     



       A. 2291                             2                                   


    1    S 5. The temporary state commission may meet within  and  without  the

    2  state,  shall  hold  public and private hearings, and shall have all the

    3  powers of a legislative committee pursuant to the legislative law.  Such

    4  commission  is authorized and empowered to make and sign any agreements,

    5  and  to  perform  any acts that may be necessary, desirable or proper to

    6  carry out the purposes and objectives of this act.                      

    7    S 6. Members of the temporary state commission shall be allowed  their

    8  actual  and  necessary expenses incurred by them in performance of their

    9  duties hereunder when rendering services as such member. No  officer  or

   10  employee of such commission shall be disqualified from holding any other

   11  public office or employment, nor shall he or she forfeit any such office

   12  or  employment  by  reason of his or her appointment hereunder, notwith-

   13  standing the provisions of any general, special or local law, ordinance,

   14  city or county charter.                                                 

   15    S 7. The temporary state commission may request and shall receive from

   16  any school district or board of education, department, division,  board,

   17  bureau,  commission  or agency of the state or any political subdivision

   18  thereof such assistance and data as it deems necessary or  desirable  to

   19  carry out its powers and duties hereunder.                              

   20    S  8. The temporary state commission shall be responsible for approxi-

   21  mating the total cost of education in New York state, and  such  assess-

   22  ment  shall  take  into account variations such as the cost-of-living in

   23  the different regions of the state. Such commission shall make recommen-

   24  dations to the governor and the legislature, on  issues  including,  but

   25  not limited to, the following:                                          

   26    a.  what simplifications of the current state school aid formula would

   27  insure that people understand the funding system and a quality of educa-

   28  tion is made available to pupils in all regions of the state; and       

   29    b. what simplifications of the state school aid formula would  promote

   30  sustained and stable long-term planning by school districts.            

   31    The  temporary  state  commission  shall  file a final report with the

   32  governor and the legislature not  later  than  one  year  following  the

   33  effective date of this act.                                             

   34    S  9.  The  sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), or so much

   35  thereof as may be necessary, is hereby  appropriated  to  the  temporary

   36  state  commission  created  pursuant to section two of this act from any

   37  moneys in the state treasury in the general fund to the  credit  of  the

   38  local  assistance  account  not  otherwise appropriated for services and

   39  expenses of such  commission  for  the  purposes  of  carrying  out  the

   40  provisions  of  this  act.  Such  sum  shall be payable on the audit and

   41  warrant of the state comptroller on vouchers certified  or  approved  by

   42  the chairperson of such commission, or his or her duly designated repre-

   43  sentative  in  the  manner provided by law. No expenditure shall be made

   44  from this appropriation until a certificate of approval of  availability

   45  shall  have been issued by the director of the budget and filed with the

   46  state comptroller and a copy filed with the chairperson  of  the  senate

   47  finance  committee and then be amended from time to time by the director

   48  of the budget and a copy of each such amendment shall be filed with  the

   49  state  comptroller,  the chairperson of the senate finance committee and

   50  the chairperson of the assembly ways and means committee.               

   51    S 10. This act shall take effect on the ninetieth day after  it  shall

   52  have become a law.                                                      

.SO DOC A 2291          *END*                    BTXT                 2005