Michael A. Rebell. New York Times. 12/22/2000.

To the Editor:

The New York State Board of Regents' plan to significantly increase aid to the state's 205 high-need, low-resource schools is a step in the right direction (news article, Dec. 19). They recognize that the current politically based aid formula leaves 205 districts unable to provide an education that meets their higher standards.

We share the frustration of Schools Chancellor Harold O. Levy at the slow pace of finance reform and agree that our neediest schools need ''more than crumbs.'' But it isn't helpful to initiate a fight for crumbs at a time when we must focus on the battle for the full meal.

Our lawsuit in State Supreme Court argues that the aid system is an obstruction to the State Constitution's requirement that all children have the opportunity for a sound education. We are seeking to replace the current aid ''formula'' with an objective approach that responds to the needs of all schoolchildren in the state.


Executive Director and Counsel

Campaign for Fiscal Equity

New York, Dec. 19, 2000