Model Resolution on

Implementation of Campaign for Fiscal Equity Case

WHEREAS the New York State Court of Appeals in Campaign for Fiscal Equity vs. State (CFE decision) established a statewide standard providing that all children are entitled under the state constitution to an opportunity for a "meaningful high school education," thus mandating increased resources for all public school children attending school from pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade;

WHEREAS the court mandated that the state determine the actual cost of a meaningful high school education in New York City, and that such "costing-out" and other mandates of the decision be fulfilled by July 30, 2004;

WHEREAS statewide school funding reform would be the only fair and just response to the CFE decision, given that: (1) many other school districts in the state have similar problems of inadequate resources that led the Court of Appeals to find a constitutional violation in regard to New York City and given that (2) it would be impractical to design a statutory remedy that only applies to New York City;

WHEREAS it would be unconscionable for the state to wait another year before addressing the issues highlighted in the CFE decision and to fail to direct resources where the most urgent needs exist;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT [fill in name of organization or public body] strongly supports the enactment of legislation before July 30, 2004 consistent with the "Criteria for a New Funding System" drafted by the Alliance for Quality Education and the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, which advocates that the new school funding system meet the following criteria:


Adequate funding for every school in the state;




Sustained, stable, and predictable funding;


A simple and transparent system; and


An increased state share of education spending.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT this body supports the inclusion of $2 billion as a "down payment" on implementation of the CFE decision providing for new and additional funding for schools in the 2004-05 state fiscal year to address the most urgent priorities of schools and in order to begin a multi-year process of fulfilling the mandates of the Court of Appeals decision in Campaign for Fiscal Equity vs. State.


Name of Organization or Public Body

Drafted by the Alliance for Quality Education

Please forward finals of signed resolutions to:

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