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The Archive is part of Gottesman Libraries Public Policy Archives Project and is designed to collect and digitize an otherwise scattered, and often inaccessible, body of work on the most important education and public policy issue facing New York State. To this end, the project has collected, digitized, and archived a comprehensive collection of school finance reform work in New York State and created a publicly accessible website, as well as a permanent collection for the Gottesman Libraries. The collection is of a scholarly nature and includes documents from a variety of sources such as academic journals and conferences, news papers, the New York State Court of Appeals, the New York State Governor’s Office, the New York State Legislature,  research institutes and advocacy organizations.


The Gottesman Libraries thanks the many individuals and organizations that have contributed their work to this collection. The individuals are too numerous to list, as are the many area newspapers. The organizations include: Alliance for Quality Education, Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Midstate School Finance Consortium, New York State Council of School Superintendents, New York State School Boards Association, and New York State United Teachers.

In addition, we have received content from: Center for Policy Research, Education Finance Research Consortium, Fiscal Policy Institute, and Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (City Journal).

In particular, we thank the Rockefeller Foundation for their support of the project.

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